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Results/ Substantial Monetary Recoveries:

Sudin v. Miskevich: Hudson County

A 35 year old man was struck by a car sustaining fractures of his hip and leg. Mr. Sudin went through substantial physical rehabilitation. The case settled prior to trial, and the defendant's insurance carrier paid a substantial award.

Smith v.Brar, et al: Bergen County

The defendant ran a stop sign and broadsided the car operated by a 56 year old man. Mr. Smith suffered trauma to his pelvis which resulted in erectile dysfunction. He required extensive rehabilitation and possible need for surgery. After court proceedings, an order was entered against the defendant, and his insurance carrier paid a substantial settlement.

Colin v. Data Associates: Essex County

Mr. Colin was a 68 year old man who slipped and fell on a negligently maintained sidewalk. When he fell, his head struck the sidewalk and he underwent brain surgery. He also suffered a fracture to his eye socket. The case settled immediately prior to trial for a substantial monetary figure which the defendant's insurance company paid.

Volin v. Mix Spece Ins. Federal Court, U. S. District Court of New York

Mr. Volinn was afflicted with multiple sclerosis. He brought an action against his health insurance carrier for payment of substantial benefits owed under his policies. An action was also brought against the Federal Government for social security disability benefits. The insurance companies completely denied payment of these benefits based upon certain "loophole" provisions in the policies. After trial, the plaintiff was awarded all of these benefits which will provide him security for remainder of his life.

Taon v. Ralic, al: Bergen County

A sewer line worker was seriously injured when a manhole cover was dropped on his hand. Mr. Taon sustained a compound fracture of his middle finger with nerve damage to his wrist resulting in surgery. Workers compensation benefits were obtained from victim's employer along with an additional large money settlement paid by the property owner in state court.

Sandic v. SixAutoRec: Passaic County

An automobile accident occurred on an icy road resulting in trauma to Mr. Sandic's nervous system. He suffered from a serious condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). He required substantial medical care and heavy prescription drugs. An action was brought against the negligent driver as well as Toyota due to the fact that Mr. Sandic's seatbelt broke, contributing to the injury. Vbits LLC obtained substantial recoveries from both the other driver


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